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121-CF Aluminium Primer


121-CF Aluminium Primer is a two component epoxy primer utilising state of the art chrome & lead free, complex magnesium anti-corrosive technology designed for use on aluminium structures, plate and extrusions and galvanised substrates.

121-CF Aluminium Primer has excellent adhesion and anti-corrosive when used on aluminium sheet and extrusions, as well as galvanised surfaces.

It is ideally suited as a primer for the topsides of alloy hulls and as a general primer for trailed alloy boats.

Fast dry to recoat and compatability with high performance epoxy and urethane systems makes 121-CF Aluminium Primer the optimum primer for aluminium and galvanising in a wide variety of exposures.

121-CF Aluminium Primer may be intermediate / top coated with:-

  • No.1 Epoxy Primer
  • No.2 Epoxy High Build Surfacer
  • No.3 Epoxy Primer Undercoat
  • No.4 Epoxy Sealer Undercoat
  • Elite® Polyurethane and Elite® 321 Brushing Urethane

Note: 121-CF Aluminium Primer is not suitable for use on surfaces subject to continuous immersion.

Download: 121-CF Aluminium Primer Data Sheet



  • Chrome & Lead Free Modified Epoxy Polyamide Anti-Corrosive Primer
  • Performance superior to MIL-P-53022B Molybdate-modified Zinc Phosphate primer types
  • Extensively tested against prevailing performance standards for aluminium primers
  • Exceeds the  performance requirements of  MIL P – 23377 (strontium chromate type) as follows:-
  • Filiform Corrosion Resistance (ASTM D 2803)
  • Required Result - 1000 hours; Pass
  • Tested Result - 2000 hours, Pass
  • Corrosion Resistance (Salt Spray – B117)
  • Required Result - 1000 hours; Pass
  • Tested Result - 3000 hours; Pass
  • Rapid Dry-to-Recoat
  • Easy to use - 1:1:1 (base : converter : thinner) mix ratio
  • Excellent adhesion to aluminium alloys and galvanising
  • Excellent resistance to filiform corrosion on aluminium surfaces
  • Cures well at low temperatures

Specific Data:

Coating Type:  Modified Polyamide Epoxy, Cr+Pb Free A/C Pigment

Colour:  Translucent Yellow

Packaging:   500 ml - Two component kits

Mix Ratio:  1 to 1 by volume

Gloss:  Low Sheen

Flash Point:  12oC Setaflash

Thinner:  Altex Thinner #12

Pot Life:  12 hours at 25oC

Induction Time:  Not required

Storage:  Store under cool, dry conditions

Density:  1.05 kg per litre / mixed

VOC:   585 grams per mixed litre

Temperature Resistance:  80°C Dry

Volume Solids (Mixed):   30±1%

Theoretical Coverage Rate:  15 sq metres per litre at 20 microns dry

Recommended Film Thickness per Coat (mixed and thinned at recommended 1:1:1 ratio):  100 microns wet to obtain 20 microns dry

Application:   Conventional or Airless Spray

Dry Times (25oC / 20 µm DFT / 50% RH):

Touch Dry - 10-20 minutes

Optimum Recoat - 3 hours

Maximum Recoat - 24 hours