Product Details

Elite "Professional"


5th Generation evolution of proven Elite and Elite Pro~Spray technology formulated for the professional boat painter - developments include:-

New  ‘stepped solvent evaporation rate’ formula yields excellent levelled films with controlled and predictable wet edge

  • Higher applied solids
  • Reduced VOC - as delivered and on application
  • Outstanding cosmetic properties
  • Improved flow out characteristics - mitigates orange peel
  • Exceptional wet look gloss and DOI
  • Excellent durability
  • High flexibility and toughness
  • Improved retention of cosmetic properties due to high UV resistance
  • Lead and chromate free
  • HAPS free formulated system - both Elite Professional and recommended thinners

Download: Elite "Professional" Data Sheet

Available in New Zealnd and Australia


Elite Professional acrylic polyurethane has been optimised to provide a full ‘wet-look’ finish coat when applied in a multiple pass ‘wet-on-tack’ coat sequence.

Environmental Responsibility - Elite Professional and associated recommended thinners are free of Hazardous Air-Polluting Solvents (HAPS).

  • Elite Professional utilises unique & benchmark 5th Generation resin technology to provide a long-lasting deep gloss with sparkle and wet-look.
  • Elite Professional is recommended for use on all topsides, decks, interiors and fittings requiring a premium quality finish.

For Professional Use Only
Ensure the data sheet you have is the latest issue. Refer also to the Elite Professional Painters Guide.

Specific Data:

Generic Type: New Technology Linear Urethane

  Colour: Pro Matterhorn White, Pro Oyster White & Pro Snow White   

Packaging: 8 litre - Two component kits

Mix Ratio: 1 to 1 by volume

Gloss: High

Flash Point: 22oC Setaflash

Thinner: Altex Thinner #20
Refer to mixing instructions

Pot Life (at 25oC): Unthinned - 3-4 hours

Viscosity: Unthinned - 15 seconds F4 Cup

                 Application - 14-18 sec. F4 Cup

                 refer to mixing & application. 

Induction Time: 15 minutes at 25oC

Density: 1.2 kg per mixed litre (whites)

Volume Solids (Mixed Un-thinned): 40.25%

Theoretical Coverage Rate:  5.9 sq. metres per litre for 80 microns dry finished film

Recommended Film Thickness Per Coat: 75-100 microns DFT achieved in multiple passes.

Application: Conventional air spray - finishing gun

Dry Times (at 25°C/75µm DFT/50%RH) for full multiple pass coat: 
Tack-Free - 30-40 minutes (multi-pass recoat time)
Touch Dry - 2-3 hours
Hard Dry - 6 hours
Self Recoat - 4 hours minimum, 2 hours maximum without light, sanding or screening