Product Details

No. 2 Epoxy High Build Surfacer


No.2 High Build Surfacer is a two component new technology high build epoxy surfacer and profiling compound.

No.2 High Build Surfacer is designed to fill and profile minor imperfections such as found on epoxy glass lay-ups, sanded epoxy fairing compounds, and repair sites on damaged structures.

No.2 High Build Surfacer is NOT a fairing compound and should NOT be overbuilt.

The recommended maximum dry film thickness per coat is 0.5mm (500 microns).

No.2 High Build Surfacer may be applied by spray or squeegee, or a combination of both.

No.2 High Build Surfacer is suitable for service above and below water however in immersion service a full epoxy barrier system should be applied over the sanded No.2 High Build Surfacer.

No. 2 High Build Sanding Surfacer should always be sealed with No.3 Primer/Undercoat, or No.4 Epoxy Sealer Undercoat, prior to topcoating, to ensure there is no loss of gloss in the applied Elite Polyurethane.

Download: No. 2 Epoxy High Build Surfacer Data Sheet



  • Excellent build and filling qualities
  • Light-weight
  • Easily applied without specialised equipment
  • Excellent sanding properties
  • Very good thermal stability
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Compatible with many substrates including suitably primed steel, aluminium, gel-coat, epoxy laminates, composites etc.
  • May be applied direct to fresh epoxy laminate and composites

Specific Data:

Coating Type: High Build Epoxy Surfacer     

Colour: Straw

Packaging: 5 & 10 litre – 2 component kit

Mix Ratio: 4 : 1 by volume

Gloss: Flat

Flash Point: > 5oC

Thinner: Altex Thinner #12

Pot Life: 3 hours at 25oC

Induction Time: 15 minutes

Storage: Store under cool, dry conditions

Density: 1.1 kg per litre

VOC: 255 gms / litre

Volume Solids (Mixed): 70%

Theoretical Coverage Rate: 1.4 square metres per litre at 500 microns dry

Recommended Film Thickness Per Coat: 430-720 microns wet to obtain 300-500 microns dry

Application: Spray, squeegee

Dry Times (500 µm DFT / 50% R.H. / 25°C):

Touch Dry - 2 hours

Dry to Sand - 24 hours

Minimum Recoat - 24 hours - sanded

Maximum Recoat - Unlimited, must be sanded

Fully Cured - 7 days