Product Details

Elite Polyurethane


Elite Polyurethane is based on the latest aliphatic urethane technology, giving a light fast finish coat with long lasting gloss.

  • Elite Polyurethane excels in marine applications, providing the maximum gloss and colour retention, as well as resistance to moderate-severe corrosive environments.
  • Elite Polyurethane is recommended for use on all topsides, decks, interiors and fittings requiring a premium quality finish.
  • Elite Polyurethane also has excellent performance in areas such as showers, heads and galleys.

    Limitations of Use:
  • Elite Polyurethane is available in a wide range of colours with varying degrees of opacity. Whites and pastel shades will generally yield full colour coatings after applying one or two coats at the recommended thickness.
  • Deep tone shades are invariably based on transparent or semi-transparent pigments – such colours will require careful selection of correct undercoat tone and will often require several separate discrete coats before full colour opacity is achieved. 
  • Application of multi-coats of deep tone colours requires careful observation of minimum and maximum recoat times – coat to coat – and may also require light sanding between coats. Refer “Dry Time – Self recoat”

Download: Elite Polyurethane Data Sheet


  • Outstanding cosmetic properties
  • Exceptional wet look gloss
  • Exceptional depth of colour
  • Excellent chemical resistance – colour pigments may be affected to varying degrees. Note: This high degree of chemical resistance dictates the need for careful observation of recoat times and / or intercoat preparation where multiple coats are applied. Refer to “Limitations of use” and “Dry Time – Self Recoat”
  • Excellent durability
  • High flexibility and toughness
  • Improved retention of cosmetic properties due to high UV resistance
  • Lead and chromate free


Specific Data:

Generic Type: New Technology Linear Urethane

Colour: refer Altex Yacht & Boat Colour Chart

Packaging: 625 ml, 1.25 litre and 5 litre, Two component kits

Mix Ratio: 4 to 1 by volume

Gloss: High

Flash Point: 24°C Setaflash

Thinner: Altex Thinner #20

Pot Life (at 25°C): Unthinned - 3 hours, 10% Thinning - 6 hours

Induction Time: 15 minutes at 25°C

Storage: Store under cool, dry conditions

Density: 1.27 kg per mixed litre

Volume Solids (Mixed): 60%

Theoretical Coverage Rate: 12 sq. metres per litre at 50 microns dry

Recommended Film Thickness Per Coat: 83 microns wet to obtain 50 microns dry

  Airless spray, Air Spray, Brush or Roller

Dry Times (at 25°C / 50 µm DFT / 50% RH):

Touch Dry - 3 hours

Hard Dry - 6 hours

Self Recoat - 4 hours minimum, 24 hours maximum without sanding

Note: If recoating is required after more than 24 hours matt surface using fine grade (approx. 240 grit) sand paper, wet-and-dry or Scotchbrite® pad DO NOT sand using lubricated (stearate coated) paper.