Product Details

C50 Surface Cleaner & D30 Degreaser/Dewaxer


C50 Surface Cleaner is a specialised solvent borne cleaner.


D30 Degreaser/Dewaxer is designed to remove more persistent surface contamination oils and grease in industrial environments, marine situations, as well as wax from finish coats on pleasure craft topcoat surfaces

Download: C50 Surface Cleaner & D30 Degreaser/Dewaxer Data Sheet


C50 Surface Cleaner:

  • Mild cleaning action will not damage cured, solvent sensitive primers/undercoats prior to finish coating
  • Enhances the removal of sanding residus
  • Will not damage masking tape edges
  • Removes masking tape adhesive and moisture residues
  • Slow evaporation "tail" enhances ability to lift contaminants easily

D30 Degreaser / Dewaxer:

  • Strong cleaning action to remove ingrained oils and grease
  • Removes waxes from aged painted surfaces
  • Excellent alternative where water based cleaners are not suitable


Specific Data:

C50: Specially formulated solvent based cleaning blend       

D30: Aromatic and aliphatic solvents

Colours: Clear liquids

Packaging: NZ & Aust: 1, 4 & 20 Litre.

                   Single component cleaners

Flash Point:

C50:           37°C Setaflash

D30:           -4°C Setaflash

Storage:     Store under cool, dry conditions


C50:            0.89 kg per litre

D30:            0.81 kg per litre